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Community for updates, progress on Lab Arc projects, discussion of Lab Arc games and the like.

Currently, here's what Lab Arc is up to-

Sunnydale OSI
An AU Buffyverse game where a government agency called OSI has control of the Hellmouth area.

Play by: Post on Live journal and chat on IRC / AIM
Founded: Originally in 2003, restarted in 2007 on GJ, moved back to LJ 2008
Ruleset: Freeform Buffyverse
Membership: Currently accepting new character applications!

C'est La Vie RPG
A lightly supernatural historical RPG, set in 1941 occupied Paris.

Play by: Post on Insane journal
Founded: 2008
Ruleset: Freeform, orginial
Membership: Currently accepting new character applications!

Shooting Stars
Actors seek fame, fortune, and glory on a remote island filming for 4-D studios!

Play by: Post on Live Journal, AIM/IRC
Founded: 2008
Ruleset: Homebrew system as explained on website
Membership: Currently accepting new character applications!

Legend of the Green Leupak
Harken back to the days of door games in this Legend of the Red Dragon derivitive! Set in the world of Nexus, this broswer-based game is great for monster slaying fun.

Play by: Browser
Founded: 2004...ish?
Ruleset: LORD-ish
Membership: Just sign up for an account, jump in and play!

On the web...
http://www.myspace.com/lauracushing - Laura's myspace

http://www.lauracushing.com - Laura's author website

http://myspace.com/austincushing - Aus's myspace


Soundtracking , Laura's weekly music column on Gather.com

Rilo Kiley Network , a Rilo Kiley forum.

http://commoncents.gather.com / - Aus's weekly column on money, Common Cents

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